One-day itinerary in KENNESAW and MARIETTA, GA.


Probably you’ve never heard about the cities of Kennesaw and Marietta before. Oh, it’s absolutely not a shame. Neither have I since I moved here last year. 😉
Kennesaw and Marietta are small cities in Cobb County, in the State of Georgia and they’re located in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area (around 30 minutes by car). Quite near, huh? Marietta, in particular, is so quaint and cozy.

Well, this new post may look somehow a little bit different from the ones I’m used to writing here. Anyway I invite you to join me on this only one-day trip through an enjoyable tourist and historical itinerary. I do believe you’re gonna like it. 😉

Our itinerary starts at  Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It is a huge park featuring 17 miles of trails. This mountain is the place where  the heaviest fighting of the Georgia Campaign of the Civil War happened in 1864. Kennesaw Mountain rises 1800 feet above sea level and all your efforts are rewarded by a spectacular view of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding area once you reach the top. If hiking is not your “cup of tea”, there is the shuttle service available. The bus ticket costs $2 or $3. Before heading up the mountain, you can stop by at the Museum and also at the store in the Visitor Center. Admission is FREE and the park is open daily from 8:30am till 5:00pm. In the visitor center, we can also watch a short movie about the civil war. Don’t miss it.



When you leave the park, drive to the Historic Marietta Downtown. We left the car in a public parking near The Welcome Center & Visitors Bureau located in the historic 1898 train station, an old and very charming depot. Stop by at this center for maps and brochures such as Marietta’s self-guided Walking and Driving Tours, highlighting the city’s arts, cultural and historical attractions.
Just next to the depot, there is a busy railroad and you’ll also find Marietta Museum of History . Worth it! There, we met a nice tour guide who told us many interesting facts about the building, the city, the region and Georgia.
And… guess what? As soon as you leave the museum, you`ll see the Gone with the Wind Museum: something about that famous movie based on one of the most beloved novels of the United States. I simply loved the visit. I could go back to my childhood memories when my grandma, my sis and I watched the film divided into some weekly short episodes on TV.
The admission rates to these two museums are: $7 adults and $5 students. 


The Welcome Center & Visitors Bureau:

Marietta Museum of History:

Gone with the Wind Museum:

Right after visiting the museums, we went to Marietta Square/Glover Park: home to many popular events. The Square is surrounded by lots of restaurants, gift, coffee and antique shops, boutiques, and even a movie theater: The Strand (from 1935). When we got there, we could enjoy The Marietta Square Artisan Market with its paintings, drawings, fine jewelry and food. There were several dance and singing performances on that day. 

The Marietta Square Artisan Market:

Marietta Downtown:

When we were back in the parking lot, we noticed we were very close to the William Root House Museum & Gardens: one of the oldest surviving houses in Marietta that reveals the lifestyle of an upper middle-class family in Georgia in the 1850s. It is open for visitors from Wednesday to Saturday. I loved the guided tour. Our guider was a nice lady called Emily and she did a great job!

Before going home, we drove to the Marietta National Cemetery where the ones who died during the Civil War were buried. Although a lot of people do not enjoy visiting cemeteries, I really think it’s a beautiful and peaceful place.

Well, that’all, guys! Hope you all had a good time reading this post. You’re all welcome to Kennesaw and Marietta. Believe me… you may fall in love with these nice towns. ❤


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  1. Vanda Fliess disse:

    Wow!!! Should I post my comments in English or Portuguese? Anyway… Looking forward to visiting you, Zé and the gals in Kennesaw/Marietta. Loved the book marker. Loved the pictures. What a cute place! Loved your memories from the time we were kids watching Gone With The Wind with Gradma. ❤
    Nossa! Será que comento em inglês ou português? Ah, tanto faz! Ansiosa para visitar você, Zé e as meninas em Kennesaw / Marietta;. Adorei o marcador de livro, as fotos… Que lugar fofo!!! Adorei suas lembranças de quando éramos crianças, assistindo ao filme "E o vento levou…" com a vovó.<3

  2. Claudia disse:

    Adorei, sempre quis ir ao museu do Vento Levou…..beijos em todos!

  3. Gabi disse:

    It seems so nice! I’d love to visit one day! 🙂

    1. we’re waiting for you here! 😉

  4. Jose Roberto disse:

    Você deveria trabalhar com turismo… Muito legal!

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